Marilyn Monroe and Emilio Pucci Designs

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It’s not known exactly when Marilyn Monroe discovered and fell in love with Emilio Pucci’s fashion designs. What we do know is that, in the last couple of years of her life, Pucci’s fashions became her personal clothes of choice. From about 1960 to the last images of her in 1962, Monroe can almost always be seen wearing Pucci’s comfortable designs in personal appearances, photo shoots, and in candid photos.

Still image from "Marilyn Monroe"

Marilyn, out with Joe DiMaggio, wearing a soft pink Pucci blouse

Emilio Pucci was born into an aristocratic Florentine family in 1914. He studied agriculture and political science in university before starting his career in fashion. Pucci was a member of the 1932 Italian ski team and designed skiwear for the troupe. After World War II, Pucci designed more skiwear for Harper’s Bazaar magazine and his sleek designs caused a sensation. He followed this initial success by opening his own haute couture salon on the Isle of Capri. At first his bold colourful designs were limited to his scarf collections, which quickly became his trademark. By the 1960’s Pucci’s designs were being worn by Sophia Loren, Jacqueline Kennedy, Grace Kelly, and of course Marilyn.

Still image from "Marilyn Monroe"

Emilio Pucci at work, ca. 1965

The unique simplicity of Pucci’s silk jersey shift dresses and blouses made them extremely light and comfortable to wear. Marilyn favored his flesh tones, greens, pinks, mauves, and blues. She purchased dresses and blouse in multiple colours and shades. Her personal property auction at Christie’s New York in 1999 proves this. The catalogue from this auction has a section dedicated to her Pucci clothes. It features nine blouses, seventeen dresses, one handbag, two ensembles, and various other items. Marilyn can be seen wearing many of these items in the beautiful photos taken by George Barris during one of her last photo shoots in July 1962. It’s appropriate then, she is said to be buried in her favorite leaf green shift Pucci dress.

Still image from "Marilyn Monroe"

The Marilyn Monroe Pucci Collection at The Museum of Style Icons. These items were purchased at the Christie’s New York auction in 1999

Still image from "Marilyn Monroe"

Marilyn in a peacock pattern dress, 1962

Still image from "Marilyn Monroe"

Marilyn getting her hair styled by Kenneth, while wearing a shift dress, 1961

Still image from "Marilyn Monroe"

Wearing matching orange capri’s and blouse, 1962

Still image from "Marilyn Monroe"

Having fun in pink, 1962

Still image from "Marilyn Monroe"

Marilyn looked lovely in Pucci’s clothes, Mexico City 1962

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