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Hope & Crosby’s “Road to” Irreverence

Posted by Wade Sheeler January 20, 2013 5 Comments 16245 views

Road to Morocco airs Thursday, January 24th on TCM Throughout film history, comedy teams have been a mainstay. From slapstick to verbal wit, there has been a team to match every taste. One of the most timeless, and oft imitated comedy teams, however, is Hope and Crosby. The year was 1939 and Paramount had the […]

Many Riches for Those Seeking The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)

Posted by Wade Sheeler January 11, 2013 3 Comments 9828 views

 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre airs on TCM on Saturday, January 11, 2013 at 5 pm EST. We all have them. The films that whenever they’re on, whenever we stumble upon them, we sit through all the way to the end, bad prints, commercials and all. I have about 10 of these, and vying […]

My TCM Picks of the Weeks

Posted by Brandy Dean June 24, 2012 0 Comment 1136 views

I know, every time you take a look at the TCM schedule for the upcoming week, you’re tempted to quit your job and order all your food for delivery. What’s a classic film fan to do? I have a better solution. Get your self a big fat DVR and just peruse my recommendations for the […]

My TCM Picks for The Week

Posted by Brandy Dean June 11, 2012 2 Comments 1748 views

It’s another exciting and DVR straining week at the greatest cable channel in the known universe, TCM. Here’s my hot picks for June 11 to June 17. Monday, June 11 10:30 AM  The Shanghai Gesture (1941) A gambling queen uses blackmail to stop a British financier from closing her Chinese clip joint. Dir: Josef von Sternberg […]

My TCM Picks for This Week

Posted by Brandy Dean June 4, 2012 1 Comment 1277 views

It’s pretty much always a good week at TCM, but this one is looking more than good. Here are my TCM picks for the week of June 4 to June 10. Note, these picks do not include Silent Sunday Nights screenings ’cause, duh, you’re already watching those. Monday June 4 8 am EST We start […]

Film Friday | Weekly Roundup

Posted by Brandy Dean August 19, 2011 2 Comments 1798 views

It’s been a busy week at Pretty Clever Films Headquarters thanks to TCM’s Summer Under the Stars. First we’re treated with Lon Chaney day and then Humphrey Bogart day. At night, I hear TIVO softly crying to himself in the other room. Even though I have roughly a gagillion movies to watch, I still took […]

16 Lon Chaney Movies on TCM

Posted by Brandy Dean August 15, 2011 1 Comment 3220 views

Thanks to TCM’s August series “Summer Under the Stars” we’re being treated to 16 Lon Chaney movies today. Sixteen! If you’re not familiar with Lon Chaney, “The Man of a Thousand Faces,” this schedule is beyond an excellent primer. If you are familiar, then kick back and enjoy not only Chaney’s amazing performances, but some […]

Jackie Coogan in The Rag Man (1925)

Posted by Brandy Dean August 10, 2011 5 Comments 11912 views

If charm and a certain preternatural precociousness are the currency of a great child actor, then Jackie Coogan was a very rich little boy in the 1920’s. Best known as Charlie Chaplin’s sidekick in The Kid. Coogan was a meteoric success in the silent era. As with Shirley Temple a few years later, movie-goers couldn’t […]

Today on TCM: Modern Times (1936) & The Great Dictator (1940)

Posted by Brandy Dean August 2, 2011 1 Comment 2279 views

Despite A Mythical Monkey’s disturbing front line report that many people (albeit with legitimate reasons) have failed to see The Chaplin Mutuals, I’m positive that all my savvy, silent comedy loving readers have seen Chaplin’s classic features Modern Times and The Great Dictators. However, both of these movies reward repeat viewings, or at least TIVOing […]

Today on TCM: Princess Tam Tam (1935)

Posted by Brandy Dean July 28, 2011 0 Comment 2223 views

As part of the Race and Hollywood: Arab Images on Film series, TCM is airing Princess Tam Tam (1935) tonight at 8:00 pm EST. Through the prism of academic and feminist discourse, Josephine Baker equals more than the sum of her acting, dancing, and singing talents. Take a tour through some of the academic examinations […]

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