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Top 5 Lost Films

Posted by Christina Stewart June 18, 2013 17 Comments 20163 views

Lost films – those legendary dream movies for which no intact version is known to exist. Here’s Christina Stewart’s Top 5 Lost Films. And here’s to hoping they’re one day found again!

Top 5 Movie Lolitas

Posted by Brandy Dean June 17, 2013 4 Comments 22356 views

Stoker, the latest offering from critically acclaimed filmmaker Park Chan-wook, director of the now classic Oldboy, features one of cinema’s favorite tropes – a Lolita. Named for Vladimir Nabovkov’s title characer, Lolita has become the catch-all term for the slightly too-young seductress. The screen is strewn with sexually precocious young girls who seem all innocence on […]

Top 5 Michael Curtiz Movies

Posted by Brandy Dean May 24, 2013 10 Comments 11636 views

Who’s Michael Curtiz, you ask? He directed Casablanca, silly. While classic film fans and people who neglect their children to have more TCM watching time know this and know it well, Michael Curtiz is a little of an unsung directorial hero. This man made movies – 50 in Europe, over 100 in the US, spanning […]

Top 5 Movie Casting Mistakes

Posted by Wade Sheeler May 23, 2013 27 Comments 27460 views

Many a director has said that 90% of their job hinges on casting the right person for the part. So when the planets do not align and some grave mistake has transpired, is there any way to fix this glaring error? Footage somewhere exists of Michael Keaton in the Jeff Daniels role in The Purple […]

Top 5 Movies Ruined by Joseph Cotten

Posted by Brandy Dean May 15, 2013 21 Comments 22547 views

I hate Joseph Cotten. Sure, I know what you’re thinking – Joseph Cotten is pretty innocuous. Precisely! Since when is it okay for a screen actor to be innocuous? I think he’s a vacuum of screen presence. Sometimes, I can take him small doses, in a supporting role, but as a lead – no way! I’ve made exceptions to my no […]

Top 3 Most Subtle Movie Villains

Posted by Claire Dunderman May 13, 2013 5 Comments 11032 views

Sometimes, a villain is devious, dastardly, and isn’t afraid to show his or her face for the world to see. This particular type of villain, however, is not on this list. These are most influential “subtle” villains – villains that didn’t necessarily need to have an entrance or a grand presence throughout, but each drastically […]

Top 5 Worst Movie Moms

Posted by Brandy Dean May 12, 2013 2 Comments 10059 views

Ah, Mother’s Day! The one day when we’re all forced to fete our mums, no matter how many hours of therapy they’ve caused. But to put things into perspective, let’s have a look at the top 5 worst movie moms to ever nag (or worse!) their way across the screen. Remember – now matter how […]

Top 5 Ice Cream Scenes in Movies

Posted by Brandy Dean May 9, 2013 15 Comments 19510 views

Last week @NataleeDara on Twitter objected to the Top Egg Scenes in Movies. Hey, some people don’t like eggs and that scene in Cool Hand Luke is pretty gross. So I so generously offered to make a list of scenes with @NataleeDara’s fav food, snack or treat and she picked ice cream. Awesome! Except I […]

Top 5 Classic Movies to Watch on a Sick Day

Posted by Claire Dunderman May 6, 2013 2 Comments 11203 views

Spring is a grand time for some. The sun is shining, the days are growing longer, and the smell of flowers is starting to fill the air. But for some of us, those very things are our downfall in the dreaded season of allergies. Getting sick when it’s beautiful out isn’t always fun, but what […]

Top 5 Bob Dylan Movies

Posted by Bennett O'Brian May 3, 2013 2 Comments 22486 views

Icon. Chameleon. Prophet. Sellout. Recluse. These are just some of the labels that Bob Dylan has worked his entire life to avoid. Dylan has a particularly unique place in 20th Century history; a writer and artist held in universally high esteem while simultaneously being viewed as a vile betrayer of the core values that others […]

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