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Review: Mississippi Mermaid (1970)

Posted by Wade Sheeler July 12, 2013 1 Comment 7238 views

Mississippi Mermaid airs on TCM Friday, July 12th & Monday, August 12th. Check local listings for times. Crime fiction has been a go-to resource for screenwriters since the dawn of film. (Fantomas, anyone?) Perhaps the reason is that mysteries and thrillers are steeped in a plot driven format. The greatest works of Dashiell Hammett, Raymond […]

Woody Allen: In Acting Only

Posted by Wade Sheeler March 26, 2013 5 Comments 9614 views

The Front plays on TCM Thursday, March 28th. If you play “What if” games, as I do, of nonsensical alter-realities, you find yourself asking questions you can never really now the answer to, but still intrigue yourself to no end. What would music be like today if Buddy Holly didn’t die in that plane crash […]

Review: The Narrow Margin (1952)

Posted by Wade Sheeler March 6, 2013 3 Comments 8156 views

The Narrow Margin airs on TCM Friday March 8, 2013. Check local listings for time. The Narrow Margin is one of the great film noirs that takes giddy joy in reveling in its genre. From the very opening title sequence, it brazenly telegraphs exactly what you’re about to enjoy. Made on a paltry (even by […]

Hope & Crosby’s “Road to” Irreverence

Posted by Wade Sheeler January 20, 2013 5 Comments 16406 views

Road to Morocco airs Thursday, January 24th on TCM Throughout film history, comedy teams have been a mainstay. From slapstick to verbal wit, there has been a team to match every taste. One of the most timeless, and oft imitated comedy teams, however, is Hope and Crosby. The year was 1939 and Paramount had the […]

My TCM Picks of the Weeks

Posted by Brandy Dean June 24, 2012 0 Comment 1158 views

I know, every time you take a look at the TCM schedule for the upcoming week, you’re tempted to quit your job and order all your food for delivery. What’s a classic film fan to do? I have a better solution. Get your self a big fat DVR and just peruse my recommendations for the […]

My TCM Picks for The Week

Posted by Brandy Dean June 11, 2012 2 Comments 1775 views

It’s another exciting and DVR straining week at the greatest cable channel in the known universe, TCM. Here’s my hot picks for June 11 to June 17. Monday, June 11 10:30 AM  The Shanghai Gesture (1941) A gambling queen uses blackmail to stop a British financier from closing her Chinese clip joint. Dir: Josef von Sternberg […]

My TCM Picks for This Week

Posted by Brandy Dean June 4, 2012 1 Comment 1314 views

It’s pretty much always a good week at TCM, but this one is looking more than good. Here are my TCM picks for the week of June 4 to June 10. Note, these picks do not include Silent Sunday Nights screenings ’cause, duh, you’re already watching those. Monday June 4 8 am EST We start […]

Coming Up on TCM’s Silent Sunday Nights in June

Posted by Brandy Dean May 31, 2012 1 Comment 2310 views

The lineup for TCM’s Silent Sunday Nights in June is looking pretty damn fine. Clear some space on those TIVOs for these four great silent films, unless you actually stay up to 2 a.m. In that case, get the coffee maker primed. No matter how you consume these movies, be there or be square. The […]

Film Friday | Weekly Roundup

Posted by Brandy Dean February 10, 2012 2 Comments 2162 views

Whoa, yet another week down. Tick tick tick. The confusing Toronto weather (Hello there Spring!) doesn’t help matters at all. Did I just not leave the house for four months? No, no – it’s just global warming. And still I dream of a 7 foot snow which apparently isn’t going to fall. Oh well. Despite […]

Film Friday | Weekly Roundup

Posted by Brandy Dean December 2, 2011 2 Comments 1947 views

Pretty Clever Film Gal is still struggling with the plague but crawling along the road to recovery. Thankfully, there was much to entertain and divert this week, what with the return of Bobby O. to TCM and the silent film bonanza sparked by Hugo and The Artists. It feels like a fine time to care […]

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