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The Netflix Queue: G.B.F (2013)

Posted by Jennifer Reynolds November 1, 2014 0 Comment 7787 views

I don’t expect G.B.F to become one of the iconic teen movies of this decade, but in the end it was cute, and despite some cringe-worthy dialogue it was fun, with some genuine laughs.

The Netflix Queue: The Book Thief (2013)

Posted by Jennifer Reynolds September 3, 2014 0 Comment 10993 views

The Book Thief isn’t a perfect movie, but it’s a faithful adaptation of the novel and it manages to be genuinely touching without feeling manipulative given its subject matter.

The Netflix Queue: Drinking Buddies (2013)

Posted by Jennifer Reynolds August 15, 2014 0 Comment 3393 views

What it lacks in original plot, Drinking Buddies makes up for in its honesty.

The Netflix Queue: Somm (2012)

Posted by Wade Sheeler August 8, 2014 0 Comment 5663 views

Somm is one of those rare breed of documentaries that gives the viewer incredible insight into a world barely imagined or known about and proves that any subject, when handled right, can create for invigorating, compelling filmmaking.

The Netflix Queue: The Beautiful Game (2102)

Posted by Jennifer Reynolds July 18, 2014 0 Comment 4549 views

A lot has been said and written over the years about soccer’s ability to change the world. The Beautiful Game wants you to believe every word of it.

The Netflix Queue: Kicking It (2008)

Posted by Jennifer Reynolds June 17, 2014 0 Comment 4003 views

Forget the World Cup, the documentary Kicking It takes you to the Homeless World Cup tournament.

The Netflix Queue: Syrup (2013)

Posted by Jennifer Reynolds June 3, 2014 0 Comment 11717 views

Much like the pivotal energy drink in Syrup, the film is mostly about the marketing.

The Netflix Queue: The Covenant (2006)

Posted by Jennifer Reynolds May 16, 2014 0 Comment 25715 views

The Covenant is basically Heathers but with teenage boys, witchcraft, and a terrible script.

The Netflix Queue: Scenes of a Sexual Nature (2006)

Posted by Jennifer Reynolds April 14, 2014 0 Comment 5519 views

Scenes of a Sexual Nature is like a less contrived Love Actually set in the summer.

The Netflix Queue: Blackfish (2013)

Posted by Jennifer Reynolds March 5, 2014 1 Comment 4795 views

Blackfish is available for streaming on Netflix. In February of 2010, the death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau in the tank of Tilikum the killer whale, made headlines around the world. She wasn’t the first person Tilikum, who at 12,000lbs and 22.5 feet long is the largest male orca in captivity, had killed: he’s also […]

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