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Movie Review: Mister Roberts (1955)

Posted by Wade Sheeler August 9, 2013 4 Comments 5904 views

Mister Roberts airs August 11th on TCM as part of the Summer Under the Stars Celebration: Spotlight on Henry Fonda. I’m surprised sometimes at the films I liked as a kid. Not because they no longer hold the appeal of my adult self, but because they’re the last type of film you’d think a kid […]

Top 10 John Ford Films

Posted by Brandy Dean May 10, 2013 16 Comments 20416 views

I’m not a huge fan of westerns – too dusty for my taste, but I’ve learned to love them over the years. But whether or not you care for the genre of westerns, you’ve got to reckon with John Ford, surely an undisputed master of cinema. If you feel like hitching a ride on the […]

Review: John Ford’s The Prisoner of Shark Island (1936)

Posted by Bennett O'Brian March 12, 2013 4 Comments 9463 views

Welcome to the exclusive and exotic Shark Island – the perfect topical destination for the southern gentleman recently convicted in the conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln. During your stay you will have access to an open-air room secure behind the walls of Fort Jefferson: A moated community located on the most desolate of the Dry […]

Review: John Ford’s Young Mr. Lincoln (1939)

Posted by Bennett O'Brian February 22, 2013 1 Comment 10723 views

American filmmakers have always had a particular fascination with Abraham Lincoln. From Griffith to Ford and Spielberg, many of America’s greatest directors feel inclined if not compelled to once again impart the legend of President Lincoln. So what is it about President Lincoln that continues to attract the interest of filmmakers and storytellers? Well, you […]

Existentialism, Howard Hawks, and “Only Angels Have Wings”

Posted by Wade Sheeler February 18, 2013 1 Comment 10668 views

Only Angels Have Wings airs February 22, 2013 on TCM at 5:45 pm EST. Howard Hawks is considered one of the great classic film directors. His contemporaries defined him as a “man’s man,” both in his attitude, demeanor and the ethos his characters displayed over his six decade long career span. Much of his tough […]

Watch It: Stagecoach (1939)

Posted by Brandy Dean February 17, 2013 3 Comments 4245 views

Got a hitch in your giddy up, pardners? Relieve the stress with John Ford’s first sound western, Stagecoach (1939). Starring Claire Trevor and John Wayne in his breakthrough role, Stagecoach follows a group of stagecoach travelers as their journey is complicated by the threat of Geronimo. Your Sunday doesn’t have to be complicated though. You can watch Stagecoach right now online! […]

Film Friday Weekly Roundup

Posted by Brandy Dean November 23, 2012 0 Comment 3396 views

Now that the American’s have gorged themselves on turkey and are out in shops right now fighting over discounted televisions, it’s official – the holidays are upon us, people! Whether that statement fills you with dread or joy, it is time to start making your holiday wish list of movie goodies and leave it casually […]

Toronto Silent Film Festival Wraps Up

Posted by Brandy Dean April 4, 2012 3 Comments 1831 views

I will not be leaving my house tonight to sit in a theater and watch a silent movie while a pianist plays along. This is, sadly, an unfortunate state of affairs. But I did have the rare privilege of leaving my house every night for the past 6 NIGHTS to enjoy a silent movie, with […]

Mister Roberts

Posted by Brandy Dean September 14, 2011 5 Comments 6406 views

Typically, I don’t say a lot of negative things about the movies I watch. Since I watch classic movies and silent films, the sometimes over one-hundred year old use-by date doesn’t leave a lot of unknowns. And if  a “classic” movie doesn’t sound like something I want to see, I just skip it and move […]

Film Friday | Weekly Roundup

Posted by Brandy Dean July 8, 2011 2 Comments 8649 views

In my continuing quest to pass as Canadian, I’m spending the last half of this week “out in it.” That’s right, as you are reading this and enjoying the best the interwebs has to offer, I’m in an unairconditioned lodge in the middle of the woods, boiling my own drinking water! I like a day […]

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