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Hot Docs 2014: Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger

Posted by Brandy Dean April 30, 2014 1 Comment 3989 views

While stylistically uninspired, Whitey: United States v. James J. Bulger will intrigue anyone interested in the history of organized crime in the US.

Hot Docs 2014: The Life and Mind of Mark DeFriest (2014)

Posted by Brandy Dean April 30, 2014 0 Comment 4009 views

The Life and Mind of Mark DeFriest is an insightful look at the penal system through one man’s completely outrageous story.

Hot Docs 2014: Everything Will Be (2014)

Posted by Brandy Dean April 28, 2014 0 Comment 4116 views

Everything Will Be is a beautifully shot and melancholic look at Vancouver’s rapidly vanishing Chinatown.

Hot Docs 2014: What Is Left? (2014)

Posted by Claire Dunderman April 27, 2014 0 Comment 4340 views

What Is Left is a strong addition to the growing repertoire of intellectual political films; with a tone of dread of misdirection yet hope for those on the track to the future to find the right track.

Hot Docs 2014: Love Hotel (2014)

Posted by Brandy Dean April 26, 2014 0 Comment 7035 views

Despite the lube deliver by pneumatic tubes, the documentary Love Hotel isn’t all about sex and kink.

Hot Docs 2014: Fire Followers

Posted by John Munshour April 26, 2014 0 Comment 3910 views

Fire Followers might be a staged doc or a pseudo doc, or it just might be as interesting as watching paint dry.

Hot Docs 2014: Pipeline (2014)

Posted by Brandy Dean April 25, 2014 0 Comment 4213 views

Vitaly Mansky’s Pipeline is a visual document of life along Russia’s Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhhorod pipeline. Shot in 7 countries over 104 days, Mansky paints a picture of a pipeline more as a kind of modern spice route, stitching together various cultures, concerns and characters in unexpected ways.

Hot Docs 2014: Absences (2014)

Posted by Brandy Dean April 25, 2014 0 Comment 3987 views

Absences from filmmaker Carole Laganière inspires a fresh look at loss and the almost contradictory positive aspects of loss.

Hot Docs 2014: Red Lines (2014)

Posted by Sam Cooper April 25, 2014 0 Comment 5726 views

Red Lines follows Razan Shalab al-Sham and Mouaz Moustafa as they give everything during the Syrian uprising.

Hot Docs 2014: Rich Hill (2014)

Posted by Robert Liwanag April 24, 2014 0 Comment 4572 views

What truly elevates Rich Hill, award winning study of poverty, is its subjects and the filmmakers’ genuine sense of empathy.

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