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Hot Docs 2013: Remote Area Medical (2013)

Posted by Toyiah Murry April 22, 2013 0 Comment 4496 views

After an accident in the Amazon, Stan Brock was told it would take 26 days travelling on foot to get him to the nearest clinic. When telling that story to the 8th astronaut to walk on the moon, Sam learned it only takes three days for an astronaut on the moon. Thus leading him to […]

Hot Docs 2013: Oil Sands Karaoke (2013)

Posted by Pam April 21, 2013 0 Comment 7306 views

We hear a lot about Alberta’s oil sands these days – the controversy over their environmental record, and bitter debates about building the Keystone Pipeline. But how often do you hear about the people who live and work at the oil sands epicentre? They come from all over the world to make their fortunes in […]

Hot Docs 2013: Dead or Alive (2013)

Posted by Brandy Dean April 21, 2013 0 Comment 7343 views

As portrayed in director Mathieu Fontaine’s Dead or Alive, embalmers, pallbearers, and funeral directors want you to know one thing – they are human beings. And this doc goes a long way in rehabbing the image of the ghoulish undertaker. Following such death industry surprises as Erika the hip, young embalmer and Patrick the slick entrepenurial […]

Hot Docs 2013: Terms and Conditions May Apply (2013)

Posted by Brandy Dean April 21, 2013 4 Comments 9309 views

Do you actually read the “Terms and Conditions” before you check off at that little box that says you did? Modern humans are confronted with that check box everyday, and Terms and Conditions May Apply, from director Cullen Hoback, sets out to explore the fine print you may have missed by agreeing before reading. Not […]

Hot Docs 2013: We Always Lie to Strangers (2013)

Posted by Brandy Dean April 20, 2013 0 Comment 6845 views

In the United States, Branson, Missouri is either a sequined dream that one aspires to visit or the butt of a kitschy joke. As directors AJ Schnack and David Wilson demonstrate in We Always Lie to Strangers, the truth about Branson is more complicated than either of these stereotypes indicate. For years, the entertainment industrial complex […]

Hot Docs 2013: After Tiller (2013)

Posted by Sam Cooper April 20, 2013 0 Comment 7877 views

After Tiller explores one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States- being a doctor who performs abortions. Controversy surrounding abortion clinics is nothing new, as we’ve all seen news pieces focused on lengthy community protests or, more devastatingly, the destruction of said clinics. Dr. George Tiller was at the heart of all this until […]

Hot Docs 2013: Wildwood, NJ (2013)

Posted by Brandy Dean April 19, 2013 0 Comment 8449 views

Before there was Snooki and The Situation and The Jersey Shore, there was the boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ – “down the shore” as any self-respecting tri-stater would say. In 1994, directors Carol Weaks Cassidy and Ruth Leitman prowled that boardwalk with a super 8 camera and lo these 19 years later have delivered a collage doc of one […]

Hot Docs 2013: The Devil’s Lair (2013)

Posted by Toyiah Murry April 19, 2013 0 Comment 10287 views

Director Riaan Hendricks’ The Devil’s Lair follows a story so revealing it’s like watching a feature length drama. But,this is a doc, and what we see is the at times mundane, but always captivating, tasks of a South African gang and the life of Briaam, a drug dealer and leader of the NTK (Nice to Kill) […]

Hot Docs 2013: The Last Black Sea Pirates (2013)

Posted by Brandy Dean April 19, 2013 0 Comment 8163 views

Picture a pirate. It involves a ship and adventures on the high seas, right? But as director Svetoslav Stoyanov demonstrates in The Last Black Sea Pirates, piratedom is really all about the gold. Meet “Captain Jack” (yes), an ex-con and leader of a motley crew – other ex-cons, rummies, and petty thieves – looking looking for the legendary buried […]

Hot Docs 2013: The Garden of Eden (2013)

Posted by Brandy Dean April 18, 2013 2 Comments 7402 views

In Israel, a country not known for its serenity, you’ll find a peaceful and lush oasis in a park called Sakhne. Director Ran Tal set up his camera in the middle of this park and creates The Garden of Eden, which shows us, well, the park and the people who go there to relax. Structured by the […]

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