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Hot Docs 2013: Felix Austria!

Posted by Brandy Dean May 6, 2013 0 Comment 6599 views

Let’s face it – documentaries are not always the most positive and uplifting movies. Take it on faith from someone who has recently watch a billion (okay I’m exaggerating, but still…) docs in a row, it can be emotionally exhausting. So Felix Austria!, undoubtedly a whimsical and quirky doc on its own merits, was a […]

Hot Docs 2013: Interview with Justin Webster, Director of I Will Be Murdered

Posted by Brandy Dean May 6, 2013 1 Comment 5600 views

I Will Be Murdered  is a snaky, twisty thriller. It’s also a documentary and that twisty narrative is a true story. I sat down with director Justin Webster to talk about the challenges of reporting a suspenseful, thrilling, surprising tale that happens to be fact. Webster is no stranger to telling complicated yet true stories […]

Hot Docs 2013: Interview with Aleksi Salmenperä, Director of Alcan Highway

Posted by Brandy Dean May 5, 2013 0 Comment 7524 views

Alcan Highway from director Alexsi Salmenperä, a story of one man’s absurd but romantic dream to buy a vintage truck and build a home on it, is one of my personal stand-outs from the Hot Docs 2013 programme. So it was with great excitement that I sat down with Salmenperä to talk about his charming hero and the […]

Hot Docs 2013: Interview with Amit Virmani, Director of Menstrual Man

Posted by Brandy Dean May 5, 2013 0 Comment 7596 views

Okay, the title of this doc makes people giggle. But after watching the story of Arunachalam Muruganantham from director Amit Virmani, the title makes perfect sense. In his quest to produce low cost sanitary pads, made by and for rural women, Muruganantham encountered more than giggles, and yet he triumphed. I sat down with Virmani to talk about […]

Hot Docs 2013: Another Night On Earth (2013)

Posted by Brandy Dean May 5, 2013 1 Comment 8298 views

In early 2011, the globe held its breath during 18 consecutive days of political demonstrations in Egypt, now called the Egyptian revolution. Then the world cheered as Hosni Mubarak was deposed. But as Another Night on Earth from director David Munoz illustrates, political upheavals are rarely so neat as the good guys won, the bad […]

Hot Docs 2013: Tough Bond (2013)

Posted by Brandy Dean May 4, 2013 0 Comment 6992 views

Documentary film has the power to take us to places we’ve never been and never will be, though sometimes risks taking us to places we wish we had never seen. So it is with Tough Bond, a three-year chronicle of the lives of lost street kids in Kenya. If you think that “tough bond” refers […]

Hot Docs 2013: Interview with Ruth Leitman, Co-director of Wildwood, NJ

Posted by Brandy Dean May 4, 2013 0 Comment 9845 views

In the mid-nineties, Ruth Leitman and Carol Weaks Cassidy trod the weathered boardwalks of venerated Jersey Shore summer locale of Wildwood, NJ taking the time to listening to what those denizens of “down the Shore” had to say about life, love, sex and New Jersey. The result is the collage documentary Wildwood, NJ, originally released […]

Hot Docs 2013: High Five: A Suburban Adoption Saga

Posted by Brandy Dean May 4, 2013 0 Comment 6579 views

When childless Canadian couple Cathy and Martin Ward decided to adopt a child, they never dreamed they would up with 5 instead of 1. High Five: A Suburban Adoption Saga chronicles the Ward’s decision to adopt 5 siblings from a Ukrainian orphanage and the financial and emotional sacrifices required to forge a family in this situation. Not surprisingly, […]

Hot Docs 2013: The Unbelievers (2013)

Posted by Brandy Dean May 2, 2013 1 Comment 17453 views

The Unbelievers is a love letter to reason and the men – Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss – who are on a kind of world tour to advocate for science and reason. Director Gus Holwerda took the stage prior to the Hot Docs screening that I attended and said that he intended to make a rock and […]

Hot Docs 2013: The Other Shore (2013)

Posted by Brandy Dean May 1, 2013 0 Comment 7100 views

In 1974, at the age of 25, Diana Nyad secured a world record when she swam the 22 mile Bay of Naples race in just over 8 hours. She went on to become a marathon swimming superstar, known the world over. But – perhaps only in her own mind – Nyad is most famous for […]

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