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Top 10 Silent Comedians You’ve Never Heard Of

Posted by Ms.Dean June 17, 2013 1 Comment 15547 views

While reading Steve Massa’s fantastic Lame Brains and Lunatics: The Good, The Bad, and The Forgotten of Silent Comedy, I started to feel like film’s silent comedians were clowns packed into a tiny circus car. Just when I thought there couldn’t be more, slapstick aficionado Massa would produce another, another, and another. This list isn’t maybe […]

6 Objects Forever Associated With Films

Posted by Toyiah Murry May 16, 2013 4 Comments 10116 views

Movies have a peculiar power to make stuff stick. Here are 6 things that will always and forever be associated with how they were used a prop in a movie – for better or worse. 6 Objects Forever Associated with Films 6. It- (1990) [youtube][/youtube] When a group of misfits are haunted throughout their adolescent years by […]

Top 5 Movies Ruined by Joseph Cotten

Posted by Brandy Dean May 15, 2013 21 Comments 22414 views

I hate Joseph Cotten. Sure, I know what you’re thinking – Joseph Cotten is pretty innocuous. Precisely! Since when is it okay for a screen actor to be innocuous? I think he’s a vacuum of screen presence. Sometimes, I can take him small doses, in a supporting role, but as a lead – no way! I’ve made exceptions to my no […]

Top Five Most Moving and Inspirational Movies

Posted by Oubah O. February 28, 2013 10 Comments 17519 views

Sometimes we watch movies to simply be entertained. Other times we want to be terrified, challenged, intrigued. And there are movies that inspire. Filmmakers have long turned their lenses to situation where humans are required to be better than they are, face unimaginable obstacles, or sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Here are Oubah Osman’s […]

Top 10 Most Romantic Movies

Posted by Brandy Dean February 14, 2013 21 Comments 24249 views

Happy Valentine’s Day all! Love is a pretty fundamental part of the human experience, so it’s no surprise that Hollywood wants a piece of that. Cinema past and present is just littered with tales of love. From the will they-won’t they screwball comedies to ruminative meditations on love lost, the list of romantic movies is […]

Five Must-See Films Directed by Women

Posted by Oubah O. February 5, 2013 26 Comments 23012 views

Forget Katharine Bigelow and her little Oscar for The Hurt Locker. There’s lot of ladies doing it for themselves in the film biz and they’ve made many awesome movies. Here’s five of my favorite films directed by women. Cleo from 5 to 7 directed by Agnes Varda   I remember watching Cleo from 5 to […]

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