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TIFF 2012 Review: Short Cuts Canada Programme #5

Posted by Brandy Dean September 12, 2012 0 Comment 1425 views

Having seen two of the Short Cuts Canada programmes, I’m up to 14 shorts in this fest. I’m trying to collect them all, like baseball cards. But, seriously, short films can be really freaking amazing and some of these are. Turns out Canadians can be witty, inventive, and innovation – even in the short film […]

TIFF 2012 Review: Blancanieves

Posted by Brandy Dean September 11, 2012 1 Comment 4314 views

I saw Pablo Berger’s Blancanieves and it left me speechless. I’m apparently not the only one blown away by this movie. Just this morning Blancanieves was shortlisted to represent Spain at the next Oscars. Roger Ebert has already suggested the movie might just be a contender for the TIFF’s coveted Blackberry People’s Choice award. After seeing […]

TIFF 2012 Review: The Central Park Five

Posted by Brandy Dean September 10, 2012 1 Comment 2388 views

Look, I knew going into The Central Park Five there was a high probability that I was going to get Burnsed. But I thought, hey this was directed by Sarah Burns not Ken Burns and if ever the was rich doc fodder it was the tragedy of the Central Park Jogger, the figurative public hanging […]

TIFF 2012 Review: Short Cuts Canada: Programme #1

Posted by Brandy Dean September 9, 2012 1 Comment 2669 views

The best film I say at TIFF 2011 – hell the best film I saw in all of 2011 –  was a short film titled Le Trotteur. And I love short films. I think of them as a director’s playground. Freed from the budget constraints and pressures of a feature film, shorts can sometimes just […]

TIFF 2012 Review: Yellow

Posted by Brandy Dean September 9, 2012 0 Comment 3564 views

The TIFF 2012 premiere of Nick Cassavetes‘ Yellow was packed to the rafters on Friday night. Pretty Clever Film Gal had to sit in the second row, in front of a screen so large I had to turn my head from left to right to watch a character walk across a room. Was it worth […]

TIFF 2011 Review: The Incident (2011) (Asylum Blackout)

Posted by Brandy Dean September 19, 2011 1 Comment 7227 views

At the first TIFF screening of Alexandre Courtes’ The Incident two young ladies fainted and had to be carted away by ambulance. I wasn’t at that screening, but I bet I can guess when they passed out. The Incident starts out as a promising creepy but psychological thriller, and then… takes a sharp right into […]

TIFF 2011 Review: Short Cuts Canada: Programme 6

Posted by Brandy Dean September 16, 2011 2 Comments 2847 views

In thinking about choosing my tix for TIFF 2011, I knew I definitely had to hit one of the Short Cuts Canada programmes for two reasons. The first, short films strike me as quintessentially film festival-ly. Watching a short film is often like peeking into an artist’s sketchbook. You get the opportunity to see a […]

TIFF 2011 Review: Death for Sale

Posted by Brandy Dean September 15, 2011 1 Comment 2943 views

My TIFF experience marched on with Wednesday’s screening of the Moroccan film Death for Sale. I approached this movie with some apprehension because what I know about Morrocco… well, frankly what I know about Morroco I learned from Casablanca. I don’t often watch contemporary foreign films for that very reason. I always  have the sneaking […]

TIFF 2011 Review: Intruders

Posted by Brandy Dean September 14, 2011 1 Comment 2367 views

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo introduced Intruders at its TIFF premiere by saying, “It’s about how we create monsters when we’re kids, alone in the dark, and about how we pass those fears to the next generation. Fear becomes a legacy.” Intruders delivers on the potentials, large and small, in that statement. Not a “horror flick” in […]

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