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Film Friday Weekly Roundup: The Come Up and See Me Sometime Edition

Posted by Brandy Dean August 17, 2012 0 Comment 2143 views

It’s been like Christmas and a birthday rolled into one for silent film fans this week. TCM featured Lillian Gish and set the interwebs ablaze with talk about the finest Griffith-Gish collaborations. The Speechless Blogathon sponsored by Eternity of Dream kicks off today, bringing us first viewing impressions of silent film classics. Could it get […]

Edwin S. Porter, the Artistic Mechanic

Posted by Brandy Dean April 21, 2012 0 Comment 9872 views

Today is Edwin S. Porter’s birthday. So while thinking about sending a b-day shout out to Mr. Porter, I started thinking about where Porter fits in the grand scheme of cinema. While it’s in no way accurate to say he’s “forgotten,” he seems a bit lost in the wash of other silent era luminaries. In […]

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