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The Great Gatsby: 90 Years of Cinematic Fashion

Posted by Christina Stewart May 8, 2013 6 Comments 34447 views

It’s hard to believe that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby is almost 90 years young!  In just a few days, the Baz Luhrmann version of this classic will be upon us, dazzling its way across the screen with a glittering frenzy that might just make the Charleston seem tame. This will mark the […]

Costume Designers in Hollywood’s Golden Age

Posted by Christina Stewart March 18, 2013 4 Comments 27678 views

Adrian! Orry-Kelly! Travis Banton! Edith Head! Walter Plunkett! These names conjure up images of glittery, shimmery, and glamorous movie stars wearing the most beautiful creations ever to grace the silver screen. These designers created the iconic images of Joan Crawford’s shoulder pads, Bette Davis’s red antebellum gown, Marlene Dietrich’s feathers, Dorothy Lamour’s sarong, and Vivien […]

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