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Great Oscar Snubs Part 1: Top 10 Academy Award Nominated Films that Didn’t Win Anything

Posted by Wade Sheeler February 18, 2013 9 Comments 15844 views

With the 85th Annual Academy Awards just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to go through the Oscar records, dig through the piles of trivia, and create a couple lists culled from my hours of research- actually minutes of research, but hours of crossing titles off, adding titles, and shaking my head […]

Film Friday | Weekly Roundup

Posted by Brandy Dean March 2, 2012 6 Comments 3207 views

What a very exciting week it has been for silent movies and the people who blog about them. Suddenly, everyone wants to know more. It’s seems that an Best Picture Oscar win for the The Artist has confirmed this whole silent movie thing isn’t just a flash in the pan for the public. Everyone wants […]

The Artist Won Best Picture and I Partied Like It’s 1928

Posted by Brandy Dean February 27, 2012 7 Comments 5656 views

Hello! If you watched the Oscars last night and decided to check out this whole silent movie rigamarole, welcome! Bien venue! If you’re a loyal reader and you’re just dying to know how the Pretty Clever Film Gal is celebrating… suffice it to say champagne gives her headache but she has struggled through to put […]

Film Friday | Weekly Roundup

Posted by Brandy Dean February 24, 2012 2 Comments 2392 views

Now here we are, almost at the big moment. The Oscars air this Sunday and the question on every silent film fans lips is “Will it or won’t it?” This year is such a silent film bonanza, we have the silent related Hugo as a back up to the actually silent The Artist. Just a […]

One Movie, Two Best Supporting Actresses

Posted by Brandy Dean February 1, 2012 3 Comments 6250 views

I spent hours trying to figure out a way to make this piece for The Toronto Film Scene about The Artist or Hugo or silent movies, in general. Turns out, it’s tougher than you think. Then I noticed two different actresses are nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category for the same movie. It also […]

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