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*Editor’s note – I am delighted and NOT AT ALL envious that Wade Sheeler will be running around the TCM Classic Film Fest in sunny L.A. while I’m wading through Hot Docs in Toronto. Wade will not only be watching movies and posting on the website, he’ll be Facbooking and Tweeting on the PCF feeds, too! Look for his updates signed -WS. – Brandy

Hi all! I’m very excited to be corresponding live from the TCM Classic Film Fest in Hollywood from April 25th – 28th. I’ve been before, but this is the first time I’ve had the honor of corresponding for PRETTY CLEVER FILMS, so I have some big shoes to fill. It’s going to be four days of marathon viewing, writing and tweeting, and I’d like to make all of you a part of it. So throughout, please let me know what you think, what films I should see, and what I should “pass” on.”


Thursday is the first day of the TCM Classic Film Fest, and after an Opening Night Party at Club TCM, housed in the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, there’s two blocks of films to see. Here’s my choices:

The Opening Night Gala Event at the Chinese Theatre is a World Premiere Restoration of “Funny Girl”. Lots of folks putting on the ritz, celebs, and even Omar Sharif is scheduled to attend. Rumor has it (and the optimal word here is “rumor”) that Babs herself will be coming. Even with all that hoop-de-dah, I won’t be attending.

“South Pacific” will be screening “poolside” at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, outdoors. This also sounds fun, and Mitzi Gaynor herself will be attending. If I were my dad, he would be there with his 50 year crush on. I won’t be attending that either.


My mission is maximum filmage for minimum strife, and part of the strife is dressing up to be seen. Plus, there’s two blocks of films screening during these big events, so I’d have to trade being seen and not served my regular rum at the pool cause I look like one of “those” people, or sequestering myself in some theatres for some movie watching. I’ll take the latter.

The first block is already a tough one: a digital screening of Kubrick’s noir classic “The Killing,” with actress Coleen Gray speaking, a 35mm screening of “Road to Utopia” with speaker Greg Proops (a “comedian”) or “Ninotchka,” Greta Garbo’s successful foray into Ernst Lubitsch territory, with the director’s daughter there to speak. So, I need your guidance. What should I see? (I ask this, with the understanding that if you know me, you know I worship at the altar of Hope & Crosby).

The next block has a digital screening of “From Russia With Love,” and STOP. That’s where I’ll be. Last year’s 50th anniversary screening of “Dr. No,” was a digital restoration and was beautiful, and this is the 50th anniversary of the Sophmore Bond outing, so, ’nuff said.


That’s my Day 1. What do you guys think? Please let me know, and take me to task whenever you have the notion. Check back in for more soon! – WS

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  1. Richard
    - April 23, 2013
      -   Reply

    If you can be in two places at once, catch ‘Safe in Hell’.

  2. Kerry Fristoe
    - April 23, 2013
      -   Reply

    If The Killing is playing in a theatre and you don’t see it, shame on you. Not judging though.

    • - July 21, 2014
        -   Reply

      That’s a smart way of lokoing at the world.

  3. Wade Sheeler
    - April 23, 2013
      -   Reply

    Safe in Hell & The Killing. Check!

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  5. Richard
    - April 26, 2013
      -   Reply

    Oops! I forgot to give you my Friday list, selecting movies I haven’t seen:
    The Swimmer
    Suddenly, It’s Spring
    La Traversee de Paris
    I Am Suzanne!
    It Always Rains on Sunday (Or resee ‘It’, since I’m not a big fan of most British cinema.)
    Hondo (in 3D! I love 50’s 3D.)

    Bugs Bunny’s 75th Birthday Bash
    The Donovan Affair
    Giant (I have not seen it!)
    The Desert Song (A technicolor musical with Nazis? I wouldn’t miss it!)
    Try and Get Me

  6. Richard
    - April 26, 2013
      -   Reply

    Sunday: Overall, not a ‘wow!’ selection.
    Cinerama Holiday (The one “can’t miss” today. I haven’t seen ‘Come September’.)
    TBA? (I can’t get excited by the Zanuck doc. If Albert Maysles is there, I’ll recatch ‘Salesman’.)
    The General (I’m curious about the restoration. I love Cluny Brown.)

  7. Richard
    - April 26, 2013
      -   Reply

    I wrote my comments as if I might run into you there, when I’m stuck in Beltsville, MD. At least I have

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