My Hitchcock Birds Barbie Arrives!

Posted by Brandy Dean November 7, 2011 5 Comments 4224 views

This is mine! Mine, mine, mine. Is it all that I dreamed it would be. Yes. Yes, it is… and much more.

Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds Black Label Collector Barbie


Honestly, now that it’s here, I’m not even sure what to do with it.

Do I have to leave it in the box forever?

Can I take it out and play with it?

Can I make the birds peck her on the head?

Should I fashion some sort of chain and wear it around my neck?

Should I just carry it around with me wherever I go and force others to agree that it’s the most amazing Barbie doll ever?

If you’re out and about in Toronto and you see a grown woman with a Barbie in her lap… be sure to say hello!


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  1. - November 7, 2011
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    do they have a dietrich one from Shanghai Express?

    • - November 7, 2011
        -   Reply

      Ha! That would be almost has awesome as The Birds Barbie. There is a Grace Kelly from To Catch a Thief, but she was a walking, talking Barbie anyway, so it doesn’t count.

  2. - November 8, 2011
      -   Reply

    Wow, simulaneously cool and hysterically funny! I want the birds to peck her on the head . . . but where is Suzanne Pleshette barbie??? I would make the Tippi and Suzanne barbies comfort each other after the birds pecked them and they could remove each other’s soiled torn clothes and put band-aids on each other and . . . and . . . sorry, I digress.

    Buy another and keep one in the box forever — put it in your will. Open the other and play . . and look for Suzanne barbie !!!

    [Nothing in this comment reflects the real opinions of WordPress or

  3. - November 8, 2011
      -   Reply

    Whoa! Down boy!

    Sadly, there is no Pleshette Barbie. Nor is there an Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates dressed as Mrs. Bates Ken doll, which is the only other Barbie I can think of that would be more genius than this Birds Barbie.

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