Letter to the Editor Regarding The Donovan Affair

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Last week we published a piece on the presentation of The Donovan Affair at the TCM Classic Film Festival 2013 written by our intrepid west coast correspondent Wade Sheeler. The Producer and curator of this presentation, Bruce Goldstein, reached out to Wade to provide further information and clarification. His letter is printed in full below. – BD

Dear Wade,

Thanks so much for your thoughtful piece on THE DONOVAN AFFAIR.

I do want to correct something, though:  it was not just me, but the entire cast, that analyzed DONOVAN’s  lip movements.  Our current cast, in particular, really pulled it apart.  There were several instances when the cast spent 10-15 minutes on a single line before nailing it (there were a number of these “aha!” moments).  In fact, I think any one of our cast can now get jobs as lip readers, if such jobs exist.

For the record, our cast was:

Allen Lewis Rickman (Killian/Briggs)
Glenn Taranto (Donovan/Nelson)
Michael Badalucco (Carney)
Yelena Shmulenson (Mary/Mrs. Lindsey)
Steve Sterner (Dr. Lindsey/musical director/pianist)
James Karen (Rankin)
Hannah Davis (Lydia)
Ashley Adler (Jean)
Rick Pasqualone (David)
Bruce Goldstein (Porter/Dobbs)

re the sound effects:   we were very limited with what we could do technically.  Dan Beedy, who handled ALL of the technical needs for the Egyptian during the festival, did a fine job.  Our future productions will have augmented sound effects.

Thanks again for a great piece – and a great website.


Bruce Goldstein
Director, Repertory Programming
Film Forum, New York

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