Letter from the Editor: May 13, 2013

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Good morning Pretty Clever Film Fans!

Pretty Clever Films turned two years old on Saturday, so I wanted to take a moment to sit back, survey the state of the site, and – most of all – say thank you to everyone who’s tracking along. What started as little silent film blog with the publication of a review of The Divine Lady (1929) has grown into a robust film appreciation website with 9 regular contributors. Just this month, PCF covered two different film festivals on opposite sides of North America. Hot Docs coverage was courtesy of myself and coverage of the TCM Classic Film Festival was courtesy of our LA correspondent, Wade Sheeler.

As the range of cinema that we cover has grown, so has the scope of the PCF audience. We currently have 2700 engaged Facebook fans, over 21,000 Twitter followers, and we’re tracking around 20,000 unique site visitors every month. For myself and the contributors, PCF is labor of love and it’s amazing to know that there are so many passionate cinephiles who are right there with us!

As PCF heads into its third year of life on the interwebs, things are looking bright. There’s more festival coverage planned to bring you the best of future classics and of course, we’ll keep talking about classic classics and all of the greatest movies ever made. More lists, more featured sites of the day, and more great ways to indulge your own cinemania are in the works.

New things will be unveiled shortly too. As always, I welcome your feedback – tell us what you want to see here, what you read and watch, what movie list you wish we would publish. The link to the PCF contact form is at the top of the page. Every single inquiry submitted in read by me and every single entry will get a response.

Thanks for reading and, as always, happy watching!



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