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Posted by Brandy Dean June 3, 2011 3 Comments 1703 views

I spend a lot of time on the interwebs so you don’t have to. Spend your internet minutes wisely with this handy guide to the best of the best from my online week.

  • Torsten Reitz examines the resurgence of the gangster pic over at The Moving Arts Film Journal with the “The Rise and Fall, and Rise of the American Gangster Movie”
  • Let us now praise Glen Garry Glen Ross. Or the editors of, rather.
  • Over at Mythical Monkey, a simple Who’s Your Fav Film Pirate? poll erupts into controversy. Allegations of voter fraud and sexual misconduct follow.
  • If you’re not listening to The Film Talk┬ápodcast, you should be. Jett Loe and Gareth Higgins manage not only to be funny when talking about the latest cineplex offerings, but insightful as well.
  • And perhaps the greatest thing I have found, ever. It’s hilarious and a lot like a dream I had once:

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  1. bloodyspats
    - June 3, 2011
      -   Reply

    Very funny Hitchcock clip where he explains the Kuleshov effect…

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