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Pretty Clever Film Gal has been busier than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs! But not so busy that she didn’t scour the interwebs for you! Before you read on, I need to send up an SOS. Do any of you dear readers use TIVO desktop to transfer and convert recordings? I’m having some seriously irritating issues with conversion, where the sound and the picture unsync. Does any have a solution to this problem? Please say yes, please say yes. Now that I’ve begged, read on and happy viewing!

  • And…Scene! recaps the best and not so best of the ’30’s.
  • Nathaniel R. at the Film Experience tries to say no to The Artist. He can’t and neither can I.
  • Just to confirm, Film School Rejects brings us the trailer for The Artist. Still can’t say no.
  • Confessions of a Film Philistine examines the enduringly weird Cat People. Reminds me how much I heart Val Lewton.
  • Due to some guide typos and a TIVO meltdown, I missed The Hands of Orlac. 366 Weird Movies rubs salt in the wound.
  • Over at Vimeo, some of Pretty Clever Film Gal’s vids were added to the group 35MM – A Group for Cinephiles. Check it out for all sorts of goodies.
  • The Art and Culture of Movies reviews Chaplin’s “Cruel Cruel Love.” You can watch it for yourself, too:


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