Buster Keaton in a Kiddie Pool

Posted by Brandy Dean July 28, 2011 0 Comment 2833 views

What, the title doesn’t say it all? Here’s what I mean, courtesy of a post from Paradise Leased, “Buster Takes a Dip” –

Well my goodness… how touching is this photo? That’s Buster (of course, who can mistake that face) in a backyard kiddie pool with his grand children.

Steve at Paradise Leased is concerned that maybe Buster felt compelled to perform, even in the backyard in the kiddie pool. But how great would it be if your Grandpa not only did Buster Keaton type things (mine did, occasionally) for your entertainment, but was actually Buster Keaton? For me personally, this photo is affirming.

There’s some part of me, when reading Keaton’s bio, that just desperately wants Buster to be okay – to be happy, content, and just fine. Obviously, that’s an offshoot of being concerned about his character, who always manages to be okay but just barely. A photo like this one, a brief glance of the personal, simultaneously draws a sharp distinction between the man and the myth and assures me that they’re both okay, even if just barely.

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