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Wonders in the Dark is a blog for”everyone everyone out there ruining their eyesight voluntarily sat in a movie theatre or in front of their large widescreen TVs at home mesmerised by the images floating by in front of you.” If you’re at PCF, then that’s you, so I’m sure that you’re going to love Wonders in the Dark.

And there’s a helluva a lot to love here. The archives stretch back to 2008. There’s a healthy team of writers, ongoing series, and currently some Jimmy Cagney posts for participation in the Cagney blogathon. Ranging from contemporary to classic, Wonders in the Dark is the kind of holisitic cinema site PCF can only aspire to be.

And there are lists, lists, and more lists. Top movies of the 1950’s? Check. Movie timeline 1930-1939? Check. Mother of all lists everywhere “All Time Top 3000”? Check, check and check. Who is the mad genius who made an All Time Top 3000? I don’t know, but I do know I love it!

Now get over to Wonders in the Dark and start ruining  your eye sight right now!

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