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Can I just say, I love True Classics, and not just because it’s masterminded by another Brandy, or in this case Brandie. This awesome classic movie blog is actually the home for four classic movie lovin’ ladies – the aforementioned Brandie, along with pals Nikki, Carrie, and Sarah. They share an obsession for TCM and Brandie even shares my unhealthy May-December love for Bobby O.

True Classics features some regular recurring content that’s worth way more than a peruse. Tune in frequently for Maudlin Mondays, Thearapist Thursdays, Feminist Fridays, and Saturday Morning Cartoons. There’s also contest (limerick contests, people) giveaways, news of blogathons, and so very much classic movie deliciousness it’s hard to remember it all.  They’re just so… forget it, just go read it ya’ll!


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There is, of course, the site True Classics.



Here’s a few of the latest posts from True Classics!

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  1. - January 31, 2013
      -   Reply

    Wow! Thank you so very much for the kind words and for highlighting us here. I’m so glad there’s another Robert O-obsessed Brandy/i/ie out there in the world (but, um, you know he’s MINE, right?). 😉

    • Pretty Clever Film Gal
      - January 31, 2013
        -   Reply

      He hee.. that’s up for debate.

      Let me ask you this… do you daydream about booking the TCM Classic Cruise and sipping Chianti on the Lido Deck with Bobby O, who’s – of course! – wearing a cravat and a skipper’s hat? I mean, that could happen right?

      • - February 1, 2013
          -   Reply

        Holy crap, do I ever (except we’re drinking merlot). 😀 Honestly, I think I could sit beside that man and just listen to him talk for days on end. I’ve been in the same room with him twice now (but have never been introduced, I’m sorry to say), and it’s been all I could do not to drag him away to a corner and make him talk to me! (I swear I’m not a stalker, Bob!)

        • Brandy Dean
          - February 2, 2013
            -   Reply

          I know, right? I just want sit down by the fire with Bobby O. and… talk movies. I’m seriously jealous that you’ve been in the same room with him!

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