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If you’re in Toronto and you’re reading this site, you probably know all about Silent Sundays at the Revue Cinema. And if you know about Silent Sundays, you’re probably familiar with Eric Veillette. But if you’re not in Toronto, you might not realize that Eric has an amazing site called Silent Toronto, devoted to the history of film exhibition in Toronto.

Never fear, interwebs. While Silent Toronto is primarily about Toronto, it is overall a rich exploration of how people went about seeing movies back in the day. The site digs into how, when, and why people made the trip out and slapped down hard-earned cash to see these pictures. It’s richly researched, well-written, and illustrated with hand-bills, posters, and news clippings. With ongoing series like One Hundred Years of Film Censorship in Ontario and pieces like “From Chaplin to The Artist: Music and silent film as enduring allies” the site is hours and hours of fun.

I’m serious about the hours part. If you’ve never visited Silent Toronto before, be prepared to get lost in the archives!

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Visit the Silent Toronto site.


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