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I’m sure, I’m POSITIVE, you’re all reading Cinema Sight on a regular basis. I would find it almost impossible to believe that your average classic movie fan could have missed this gem. But I’m gonna bring it up any, just – ya know – in case.

Cinema Sight is an all round busy little website. There’s so much content here, it blows my hair back. There’s a lot of Oscar stuff, and discussion, and reviews, and – oh you name it! The range is pretty broad, which makes it all pretty damn awesome. If by some weird chance you’ve never checked Cinema Sight out before, get ready to get lost in there for hours.

Best of all, Cinema Sight offers many, many opportunities for readers to contribute – comments, polls, discussion boards, it has it all. And with the regular Feed the Queue you can even tell these guys what to watch!

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Visit the Cinema Sight site.


And here’s a sampling of the latest posts from Cinema Sight

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