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For most film bloggers, there’s probably a little niggling fear of doubt when that blog is launched – who will read this? will anyone care? am I talking to myself. I’m going to hazard a guess, though, that there blog nightmares did not plague Peter Bogdanovich at the outset of Blogdanovich.

Yes, that Peter Bogdanovich, of The Last Picture Show fame. Yes, the man has made movies, directed plays, written books and now, he blogs. Bogdanovich has been famous for unapologetically lionizing Hollywood’s “Golden Age” and now he does on the interwebs too at Blogdanovich, as part of Indie Wire’s collection of critic bloggers. Bless him and Indie Wire, too.

Long a sort of man about cinema town, Bogdanovich is no different at Blogdanovich. Take for instance the recent two-part The Raoul Walsh File where Bogdanovich ponders, “”Where the hell is Raoul Walsh when we need him!?” Good question (though I usually frame it as “What would Raoul Walsh do?”) Between these kinds of essays and regular movie of the week feature that examines a single flick, Blogdanovich never disappoints.

But don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself.

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