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Posted by Brandy Dean January 28, 2013 3 Comments 5765 views

I bet you’ve never read a blog written by a monkey, much less a blog written by a mythical monkey. But you can do just that at one my most fav movie blogs of ALL TIME ya’ll – A Mythical Monkey writes about the movies.

As the Mythical Monkey himself says, a mythical monkey is: “An infinite number of monkeys typing at an infinite number of typewriters for an infinite amount of time will eventually produce Shakespeare’s Hamlet. This is the blog of one such monkey.”

Maybe he hasn’t produced Hamlet just yet, but he cranks out some pretty amazing – and funny – movie related content. If you’re not reading the Mythical Monkey then you might not really exist!

Find the Mythical Monkey

Get on over to The Mythical Monkey writes about movies



And here’s a sampling of The Mythical Monkey’s Latest Posts

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  1. - January 28, 2013
      -   Reply

    You are too kind! I’m working up a post about your post right now!

    • Pretty Clever Film Gal
      - January 29, 2013
        -   Reply

      Aw shucks… PCF blushes.

  2. - January 29, 2013
      -   Reply

    Me and the Monkey go way back. I’m so proud.

    He truly is an excellent writer. Has a nice chin, as well.

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