TSFF Preview: Our Dancing Daughters (1928)

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The Toronto Silent Film Festival kicks off on March 29, 2012 with Our Dancing Daughters. Or maybe I should say it Charlestons off. This 1928 silent classic directed by Harry Beaumont is a jazzy look at the flappers and fops of 1920’s America and stars a very young Joan Crawford. And I mean very young, like she doesn’t have those harsh hard-core eyebrows yet young. Everyone always has really awesome things to say about Our Dancing Daughters, and the problem is I have to just take their word for it, because I have yet to have the pleasure of seeing this one.

I CANNOT WAIT to see it, and thanks be that TSFF is screening it this year! In the meantime, let’s hear from some people who have actually seen the movie:

Done reading? Sold? Perfect, now get thee over to Toronto Silent Film Festival and get your tix!

Screening Details:

Our Dancing Daughters

Musical Interpretation: Andrei Streliaev

Thursday March 29, 2012
8pm (doors open at 7:30pm)
Innis Town Hall 2 Sussex Ave Toronto
Tickets $15.00

Plus: “Animation from the Lawless Days” Cinderella 1922 Lotte Reiniger
& The Best Animated Films of Toronto Urban Film Festival 2011

The Toronto Silent Film Festival Program

March 30 – Tabu: A Tale of the South Seas

March 31: Blood and Sand

April 1: 1000 LAFFS: Playmates

April 2: The Italian Straw Hat

April 3: Variety

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    I’ve seen (and recorded) Our Dancing Daughters, TCM has shown it several times, but not recently. Not a very good print/transfer, but it may be the best that exists. Joan Crawford was HOT when she was young — it’s what made her a star initially. The heavier look — brows and lips — she started exaggerating in the late ’30s, early 40’s. But the image most people have of her, unfortunately, is the “Johnny Guitar,” “Torch Singer” 1950s era, or (heaven forbid) the “Mommie Dearest” look. (don’t even get me started on THAT subject.)

    I’m hoping for your sake that you own the original of this image: the 11 X 14″ title card/lobby card from ODD is valuable — a slightly different version sold at auction for more than $2,000 a few years ago.

    I’ll look forward to your review. BTW, much thanks for the mention in your 7×7 link award.

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