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A derelict farm owned by a widowed woman (Hae-yeon Kil) and her quiet, compulsive teenage daughter (Ahn Ji Hye) sets the scene for Albert Shin’s In Her Place. Simplicity is key here, and the entire film takes place on or around the farm, save for a handful of scenes involving the daughter’s boyfriend.

For the most part, In Her Place is a character study between Kil, Hye and the wealthy woman (Yoon Da-Kyung) who comes to stay with them. She’s there to adopt the girl’s unborn baby to cover up her own secret and as part of the deal she’ll stay with the family until it’s born. What starts as a series of very formal and almost stand-offish interactions slowly evolve into a much deeper relationship as the three can’t help but become involved in each other’s lives.

In Her Place is deliberately paced with little action but a slow, subtle build-up to emotional but satisfying reveals. It doesn’t have an attention-grabbing splash of action but if you invest in it, it will pay off. Shin sets up almost everything you’ll need to know about the film in its first few minutes. Nothing is an accident, nothing is unimportant. Da-Kyung’s husband’s (Kyung-Ik Kim) insistence that she use his American cell phone teases the larger truth about the adoption; questions about Hye’s eating habits hint that it’s of much more concern than Shin first shows. 

With three female leads, each with her own motivations and desires, In Her Place builds to its only logical conclusion. That’s not to say it wraps up neatly or comfortably, but when taken as a whole as In Her Place is meant to be, it fits. 

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Screening Times for In Her Place

Sat, Sep 6 2:00pm TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 2
Tue, Sep 9 3:30pm Scotiabank Theatre Scotiabank 4

Director(s): Albert Shin
Country: Canada/South Korea
Year: 2014
Language: Korean
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Runtime: 115 minutes
Rating: 14A
Producer: Yoon Hyun Chan, Albert Shin, Igor Drljaca
Production Company: TimeLapse Pictures
Principal Cast: Yoon Da Kyung, Ahn Ji Hye, Kil Hae Yeon, Kim Sung Cheol, Kim Chang Hwan, Kim Kyung Ik
Screenplay: Albert Shin, Pearl Ball-Harding
Cinematographer: Moon Myoung Hwan
Editor: Albert Shin
Sound: Matthew Chan, J.R. Fountain, Shaun Kim
Music: Alexandre Klinke
Production Designer: Heo Seo Hyung, Choi Young Mi
US Sales Agent: Elle Driver
International Sales Agent: Elle Driver

Still image from "In Her Place"

Still image from "In Her Place"

Still image from "In Her Place"

Still image from "In Her Place"

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