TAD13 Review: Big Ass Spider

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Part of the Toronto After Dark 2013 Festival, Big Ass Spider from Director Mike Mendez delivers exactly what its title says – a movie about a giant spider.

Greg Grunberg plays Alex, an insect exterminator with a heart of gold, being treated for a spider bite in a hospital emergency room. While he’s there, a large spider crawls out of a corpse in the morgue downstairs and begins to terrorize the staff and patients. The military arrives to neutralize the threat, but only make matters worse. And after Alex’s offer of assistance (after all, he is an expert on insects) is rejected, he and his security guard sidekick, Jose, head out on their own to kill the growing spider and (naturally) impress a girl.

It’s a pretty silly plot (but I think the title gave that part away, too), but it’s also a pretty entertaining film. Ray Wise is his usual fabulous self – an over-the-top caricature of an Army General. Grundberg, whom I remember best from Heroes, is good; sarcastic, funny, and quite likable. However, the best part of the film – other than exploding spider guts, of course – was the character of Jose (Lombardo Boyar). With rapid-fire dialogue and fantastic delivery of lines, Boyar was the funniest thing in it. He’s hilarious, in fact.

Thankfully, Big Ass Spider doesn’t try to be anything it’s not – and that’s probably why it works. Mendez clearly has a great sense of humor and is smart enough not to take any of it seriously. It’s simply a good time.

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