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Director/writer/star Jeremy Gardner hasn’t just made a totally solid zombie movie called The Battery. He made it in two weeks for a measly $6,000. I am excessively impressed.

Set in a world where zombies roam the earth, professional baseball players Ben and Mickey travel around the countryside together, trying to survive a wide range of threats. They forage and fish for food, rifle through (mostly) empty homes for supplies, smoke cigarettes, play catch, and regularly swing a baseball bat at zombie skulls. They’re at the point where they’ve spent far too much time in each other’s company, and are slowly going a little stir crazy.

Technically, The Battery is a zombie movie; it has quite a lot of them. But rather than trying to further the zombie lexicon, the presence of the undead here is more about setting the stage, and providing a backdrop for Mickey and Ben’s story. We never find out how this zombie apocalypse came about, and we don’t really care. It’s all about what their existence forces the two men to do – depend on each other. And the two leads are fantastic. Bored, sarcastic and extremely snarky, both Gardner (Ben) and Adam Cronheim (Mickey) banter like an old married couple.

It’s a dark and funny film, as much road movie as zombie feature, with some truly hilarious scenes, and its fair share of blood and brutality. Boasting a stellar indie rock soundtrack (go, Rock Plaza Central!) and a naturalistic visual aesthetic, it not only sounds great, but looks great too. Though made on a ridiculously low budget, it looks and feels anything but.

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