Inside Out LGBT Film Festival 2013: Pit Stop (2013)

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Urban gay relationships get a lot of attention in pop culture via movies, television shows, and popular novels. But what are gay relationships in the ‘burbs, or heaven help us, the rural, fly-over parts of North America. Pit Stop from director Yen Tan intends to correct this imbalance by telling the story of two lonely men in rural Texas who finally find one another.

In Pit Stop, Bill Heck plays Gabe, broken-hearted and floundering after a soured affair with a married man. His situation is complicated by the fact that he still lives with his ex-wife Shannon (Amy Seimetz), and the two struggle to raise their daughter and be supportive of one another. On the other side of town, but metaphorically a world away,  Ernesto (Marcus DeAnda) has ended his relationship with younger Luis (Alfredo Maduro). Much like Gabe, Ernesto finds himself in a tense domestic situation by offering to let Luis stay in the house until he figures out his school plans.

Pit Stop gets the uneasy tension created by ended relationships that have far more practical concerns than ones of the heart. Children, house payments, and all the drab issues of life often make what we want and what we get very different things. The egg-shell relationship between Gabe and Shannon demonstrates this in spades, but go no further than the surface. So too the relationship between Gabe and Ernesto. Pit Stop nails the isolation and loneliness of rural life, not to mention gay rural life, so adroitly it seems like pre-destiny when Gabe and Ernesto find one another. However, it really only seems like a relief – not a romance.

Pit Stop screens on Tuesday, May 28 at 9:30 pm at TIFF Bell Lightbox. For more information about the Inside Out LGBT Film Festival and to buy tickets, visit

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