Inside Out LGBT Film Festival 2013: Cockpit (2012)

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If you’ve never seen Tootsie, you’re going to enjoy Mårten Klingberg’s Cockpit. If you have seen Tootsie, you’re going to feel like you’re watching the Swedish version of Dustin Hoffman’s ground breaking drag role. This is not say you won’t also enjoy watching this one, but it will feel like de ja vu.

Down on his luck pilot, Valle (Jonas Karlsson) finds himself fired, divorced, and living with his sister in his childhood home. His mother doesn’t like him, his sister doesn’t like him, his son doesn’t like him, and his ex-wife has no opinion about him because she’s busy marrying a rich old dude. There’s a break in the clouds when Valle finds out about an opening for a pilot. But the catch is – wait for it! – it’s only for female applicants. Add a little rouge and pantyhose and Valle is transformed into Maria Andersson. He gets the job and much hilarity ensues.

If that sounds familiar to you that’s because it is. From Tootsie to Bosom Buddies to  Mrs. Doubtfire, the screens both big and small are littered with men escaping their woes by donning a set of falsies. What was once edgy and boundary pushing is ho-hum now. But Cockpit is light-hearted and charming and serves as a potent reminder that identity is fragile, fluid and oh so powerful. Sometimes fantasy really is the trick to dealing with reality.

Cockpit screens on Sunday, May 26, 2013 at 12:15pm at TIFF Bell Lightbox.

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