Hot Docs 2014: No Lullaby (2014)

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As a child, Tina, now in her late 50’s, suffered horrible sexual abuse at the hands of her father. Taught that “nothing happened” and in a desperate desire to have a perfect family, Tina repressed memories of her abuse. She buried the memories so deeply, she missed the signs that her daughter Floh was trapped in the same cycle of abuse. No Lullaby is the tale of Tina and Floh’s effort (and failure) to finally break that cycle.

No Lullaby is not an easy or pleasant documentary to watch. But the lasting impact of sexual abusive on children – an impact that never, ever ceases – is a critical topic, requiring unswerving examination. To her credit, director Helen Simon presents this painful story in all of its harrowing detail. Simon does not clutter No Lullaby with a lot of extraneous stuff, instead smartly relying on photos, videos provided by Floh’s former girlfriend, and mostly first hand testimony from Tina and Floh (via court transcripts).

It’s no spoiler to say that No Lullaby comes to a tragic conclusion. The total miscarriage of justice inflicted on Floh when she is brave enough to press charges is as good a reason as any to tell the story. The pain of the blow dealt by the courts also comes to its perhaps logical conclusion – Floh commits suicide. What’s left? A grieving mother who is courageous enough to relieve her pain in agonizing detail before a camera in the hopes of having some effect.

Screening Times for No Lullaby

Scotiabank Theatre 7 Wed, Apr 30 9:45 PM
ROM Theatre Thu, May 1 4:00 PM
Scotiabank Theatre 3 Sun, May 4 2:00 PM

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