Hot Docs 2014: What Is Left? (2014)

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What Is Left? is the modernist’s approach to the political dilemma in Italy and what political identity means to those today. Through the election of Berlusconi in 2013, the two filmmakers, Luca Ragazzi and Gustav Hofer, decide to delve into their past to see how their political ambiguities and contradictions were formed.

The struggles of the left are very explicitly laid out – not only do Luca and Gustav display their frustrations at their country’s political landscape, but there are many issues with what exactly the left is becoming. The film describes the discrepancies between the new left and the old, traditional left. Through going back to their family history and the politics of the past, they uncover more about themselves.

What Is Left? successfully couples the documentary with their two voices and their inner thoughts on the issues. The idealism and the misdirection are so apparent in the film. In addition to the narrative, the film powerfully displays the inner workings of the political infrastructure, both on the national level and on the communal level.

The wit is biting and sharp, making for a lot of satirical, funny references as well.

What Is Left? is a strong addition to the growing repertoire of intellectual political films; with a tone of dread of misdirection yet hope for those on the track to the future to find the right track.

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Screening Times for What is Left?

Royal Cinema Sun, Apr 27 7:00 PM
Scotiabank Theatre 7 Mon, Apr 28 4:30 PM
Scotiabank Theatre 7 Sun, May 4 9:00 PM

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