Hot Docs 2013: Furever (2013)

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When a human dies there are some pretty specific things that happen (just see Dead or Alive), but what do we do when a beloved pet shuffles off this mortal coil? This is the question posed by director Amy Finkel’s Furever. Turns out, as pets have become ever more intimate companions in human life, the vacuum created by a lack of acceptable and codified mourning rituals has led to a booming cottage industry in pet memorials. From freeze drying to mummifying, from DNA diamonds to tattoos inked in part with ashes, pet owners are finding increasingly creative way to memorial a pet – a keep a part of it “furever.”

Furever definitely had the potential to tip over into a “look at the crazy people, aren’t they super crazy!” variety of documentary, but Finkel deftly avoids this by providing enough context to make the extreme feel reasonable. And why not? For many people, a relationship with a pet may be the longest one they ever have, and beyond a doubt we have much more physically intimate and tactile relationships with our dogs and cats. They are called pets, after all. If you’ve ever loved a fur baby (and there’s a reason posited for this appellation as well), then you’ll definitely want to see Furever.

Screening Times for Furever

Sat, Apr 27 11:30 PM
Bloor Hot Docs Cinema

Mon, Apr 29 1:00 PM
The ROM Theatre

Sun, May 5 6:30 PM
The Revue

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