Hot Docs 2013: Aatsinki: The Story Of Arctic Cowboys

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Aarne and Lasse Aatsinki are cowboys in Finnish lapland. Well, they tend herds of wild reindeer but I suppose “Reindeer boys” doesn’t have the some ring.  Aatsinki: The Story Of Arctic Cowboys is the story of one year in the lives Aarne and Lasse and their wives and children as they live life well north of the Arctic Circle. While they are completely isolated on the one hand, they are reliant on technology on the other hand and even enjoy a healthy round of Wii.

Aatsinki: The Story Of Arctic Cowboys both raises a lot of questions about “natural life” and challenges the assumptions of viewers. It does all of this, however, in the quietest possible way. This is observational documentary at its purest. The film may not be for everyone because of it’s slow pace and lack of narrative structure, but the cinematography is stunning and well worth hitting the theatre to see on a big screen.

Screening Times for Aatsinki: The Story Of Arctic Cowboys

Tue, Apr 30 6:00 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox 2

Wed, May 1 4:00 PM
Scotiabank 4

Sat, May 4 4:30 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox 2

Watch the Aatsinki: The Story Of Arctic Cowboys Trailer

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