Top 5 Frightening Females in J-Horror

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When it comes to horror films, some of the best ever made have  come from the Japanese film industry.

I suppose apart from The Ring (and possibly Audition) you could possibly call it an alternative list, but regardless here are five girls in J-Horror who could easily give you nightmares.

Mitsuko, Battle Royale

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Of all the participants who partake in Battle Royale, one of the most ferocious is Mitsuko. Clad in a Kogal-style short skirt and school uniform, she wields all kinds of weapons and sinks her teeth right into the vicious dismantling of her fellow students. In fact, she actively seems to enjoy the chaos, seducing and hunting those around her. A dangerous Femme Fatale.

Yuko, Confessions


Confessions is one of the most fascinating and unpredictable films I’ve seen over recent years, but I was unsure about including it in the list as it isn’t truly horror. However, I wrote a dissertation about Femininity in J-Horror a few years ago, and I think it has enough elements to qualify as a bit J-horror, so I’m including it.

After her child is killed by one of her young students, Yuko sets out on a revenge mission to find the culprit and dish out her own brand of justice (explosives and HIV infected milk are just part of it). The true horror, though, lies in how far a mother will go for vengeance. Different to anything I’ve seen before.

Yoko, Love Exposure


Again, it’s not an obvious choice for J-Horror. With a mighty run time of over four hours, Love Exposure manages to cram in so many genres and themes; comedy, action, drama and more but for me, any films that features a castration scene with blood spraying out the wound like a fountain can definitely be classed as a bit horror-y in my book. Man hating Yoko is a fascinating character, both massively fierce yet incredibly vulnerable at the same time. Four hours is enough time for an indepth character study of her, and it’s a compelling watch.

Sadako, Ringu


Much more predictable is The Ring, one of the most famous J-horror films complying to the more traditional Kaiden (ghost stories) of Japan but adding a more modern edge with the television and the videotape. I made the mistake of watching this when I was about ten, and am still to this day a little bit traumatized. I’m not sure many images I’ve seen will match the eeriness of Sadako crawling out of that tv. Chilling.

Asami, Audition


Audition is a slow building horror film, but when it gets to unleashing the horror it does so relentlessly. Seeming timid and delicate throughout, Asami eventually discards her quiet demeanor for a pair of black latex gloves and some torture implements that would make your eyes water. The most creepy scenes for me come from imagining what could be inside that fidgeting bag she keeps on the floor; and the reveal is pretty horrifying. And to think she seemed like such a nice lady.

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