Top 3 Reasons Why Rope is Creepier Than a Slasher Movie

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Rope – the underrated, spooky gem of Hitchcock’s murderous repertoire. Only this time, the killing is done with class. In the age of gore and slasher films, one tends to forget that horror can be frightening on a level that penetrates the psyche. Here’s the top 3 reasons why Rope is sooo much scarier than any slasher film ever.

3. We see the murder and the consequences in real time

Rope (1948)

Rope is a film that takes place in one location and the duration of the film is like the actual duration of the pre-party, the party, and the post-party. In a sense, it feels like you’re witnessing something happening in real life, as if it’s being broadcast. And what you see isn’t pretty.

2. The killers are charming


You almost feel bad for Phillip when he starts sweating under Rupert’s gaze. Phillip and Brandon are educated, respectable, and suave, and you realize that if you had missed the beginning of the film, you too could have been wooed by the hosts like the rest of the guests and not suspect a thing.

1. The party happens at the scene of the crime

Rope janet and all

That’s a feeling that never really leaves you as you’re watching the film. Just as in Memento when you always have to think about the shifts in time and in memory, Rope forces you to always keep in the back of your mind that this isn’t a just a party, it’s a tribute to murder and elitism killing.

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