Five Alternative Christmas Films

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Christmas is almost upon us again, and to many it is a joyous time to eat drink and constantly be merry. But for every Christmas loving person out there, there’s also a pre-nightmarish-ghost-epiphany Scrooge type bah-humbugging away at all the schmaltz now intoxicating the tv schedules.

So for anyone who feels like they can’t physically sit through another version of a Christmas Carol, or may vomit if they see Andrew Lincoln holding up cards in Love Actually one more time, here’s a list of five alternative Christmas films.

Black Christmas5 Black Christmas

This is the only one on the list that’s technically even a Christmas film, but it’s a Christmas film where you get to see people getting stalked and killed so it’s very anti-festive. Set in a sorority house just before the Christmas holidays, the original was a pinnacle in the slasher genre, and saw Margot Kidder and friends come up against a mysterious stalker, who’s obscene telephone calls were the least worrying thing about them.

The Shining4 The Shining

Probably only on the list because it’s one of the greatest films ever rather than having anything to do with actual Christmas, it’s still worth a mention because it features a brilliant chase scene through a maze full of snow, and a thoroughly frozen Jack Nicholson.

Lars and the Real Girl3 Lars and the Real Girl

Again, mainly on the list just because it’s a really good film, which stars Ryan Gosling as a small town oddball who forms a none sexual – and surprisingly quite sweet – relationship with a sex doll. It’s so much better than it sounds I promise. It vaguely links to Christmas because the eponymous Lars has some fine knitwear, that would fit in perfectly at any Christmas-jumper-at-work-day.

Into The Wild2 Into the Wild

Into the Wild is an alternative Christmas because it features some lovely shots of snow and mountains and other wintry goodness, whilst at the same time being a a bit of a downer, and a complete happy ending free zone. And Emile Hirsch is excellent.

Winters Bone1 Winter’s Bone

Winter’s Bone is a brilliant film that gave Jennifer Lawrence receive her first Oscar nomination at the tender age of twenty. It’s quite glum, but brilliantly acted, and sees her play a young girl who must find her Father – by any means possible – after he skips bail in order to care for her younger siblings. Worth seeing alone for her blistering central performance, it also features some really quite unpleasant moments; if a severed hand doesn’t put you in the festive spirit, nothing will.

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  1. Kyle
    - December 24, 2013
      -   Reply

    I actually consider 1-4 very good January films, for pretty much the reasons you list. I’d have to put L.A. Confidential at the top of my Alt. Christmas list. It starts with the Bloody Christmas event and then has nothing to do with holiday after that, but it’s enough for me! The Thin Man, Ghostbusters 2, Citizen Kane, 12 Monkeys, & The War of the Roses are also good “holiday” films in very different ways. 🙂

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