Under the Bed: Q&A with director Steven C. Miller

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Who knew that scaring could be so much fun? Steven C. Miller was able to talk to Pretty Clever Films about the enthralling and fun atmosphere behind the gory and gruesome Under the Bed.

Pretty Clever Films: What was the inspiration for Under the Bed?

Steven C. Miller: I always really liked things like The Goonies and Gremlins, and the ultimate goal was to have the monster in the movie without showing to much. The relationship with the siblings had to be shown and then with that bond, it showed how they dealt with this monster. Then, by the third act, the audience is excited for it.

PCF: What was the dynamic of the set like?

Miller: It was so quick, the shooting was so fast. There were long days, very long days. We built everything on a stage, so we had whatever we wanted without having to bounce around. Because of that, nothing felt rushed and we could plan it around everyone’s schedules.

PCF: Did you use CGI at all?

Miller: There was no CGI – everything was made on set. The set for the the under the bed world was basically a house built upside down. It felt real.

PCF: What do you think about the state of horror films today?

Miller: With things like Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead, they show that horror can be fun, horrific and scary. Horror’s an interesting genre. It’s different. A lot of independent horror filmmakers decided “hey, let’s do our own thing.” It’s about setting a trend and not following. It’s trying to guide the genre back to where not about spectacle. I’ve seen Saw and it’s crazy how big that torture craze was. Independent horror is great – it’s a small community, and we each have crazy ideas and we try to outdo each other.


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