Watch It: The Tramp (1915)

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The Tramp, released on April 11, 1915, turns 98 today. This is it – the movie that launched Charlie Chaplin’s character The Tramp into movie history. It’s not his first film – it’s his 6th in the Essanay series. It’s not even the first appearance of The Tramp – but it is the first time Chaplin’s funny little lovable roustabout got a name.

In The Tramp, Chaplin finds the girl of his dreams and gets hired on at a family farm. He defends the farm against criminals, and everything is awesome until he learns the girl has a boyfriend. Unwilling to cause her any pain or troubles, he hits the road. It’s a sweet ending and marks the moment that The Tramp deviates from pure slapstick to the sentimental, empath he goes on to be.

Even though this movie is 98 years old, you can watch it right now.




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