Watch It: The Pleasure Garden (1926)

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Today, my friends, is the anniversary of one Mr. Alfred Hitchcock’s directorial debut. The Pleasure Garden, Hitch’s first credited as director, debuted for the London press on March 1, 1926.  It was officially released in 1927, after the success of The Lodger. This is the movie that launched a brilliant career in film and ultimately lead to the best movie ever made, Vertigo – yeah, I just said that.

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The Pleasure Garden concerns the seedy underworld of London dance hall gals and fiances sent to Africa. Stir in a prince named Ivan and an ample helping of romantic doubling dealing and outright adultery, and you have a perfect silent film melodrama. As well as some risque flapper costuming. Watching these early Hitchcock’s can be a little frustrating – it’s Hitch before he was Hitch – but they’re also illuminating about the filmmaking process that got him to where he eventually would up.

Of course, the Hitchcock films of the 1920’s recently got a lavish restoration treatment from BFI as part of London’s cultural Olympiad. But unless you’re going to be in San Francisco in July, it’s unclear when those restorations will be available to the public via DVD or Blu-ray. The good news – you can watch The Pleasure Garden online, right now.



What do think of The Pleasure Garden? Tell us in the comments!

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