Watch It: The Hitchhiker (1953)

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Now that you’ve got a few hours to kill ’til Oscar time, I present to you The Hitchhiker, a 1953 crime drama directed by none other than Miss Ida Lupino.

In the comments section of The Top 5 Film Noir Bad Guys, Grand Old Movies posted: I would add William Talman in the title role of Ida Lupino’s iconic noir THE HITCHHIKER – as psychopathic and nasty as noir villains come.

Ya know? He’s totally right. I had completely forgotten about this little gem. Talman plays a psychotic escaped convict who gets picked up hitching a ride by two fishermen. He pretty quickly tells them that he intends to murder them when the ride is over and the rest of the movie is a taut will he or won’t he sort of tell. It’s an excellent little movie, and Talman is indeed one of film noir’s worst bad guys.

So while away some time until the red carpet coverage starts with The Hitchhiker.

What do you think of The Hitchhiker? Tell us in the comments!

Watch The Hitchhiker


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