Watch It: The Hands of Orlac (1925)

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The Hands of Orlac, or Orlacs Hände, is a late expressionist silent film produced by Robert Wiene (of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari fame). This is a weird one, people. A pianist loses his hands and gets a pretty amazing hand transplant. But they’re the hands of a killer! Does Orlac control his own hands, or do they have a life of their own? Will these hand play the piano? Can he touch he lady love with these repulsive hands?

Does that sound like a gothic pot-boiler? Good, ’cause it is. The Hands of Orlac is everything you want from a silent horror flick – creepy, atmospheric, completely melodramatic, and oh so deliciously fun. You can also read my full review of The Hands or Orlac if you must know more.

The Hands of Orlac was released on January 31, 1925, in Germany at least. Fortunately, it’s available for your instant gratification viewing. Have a look and tell us how it holds up some 89 years later in the comments!


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