Watch It: Our Dare-Devil Chief (1915)

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Starring Al St. John, Ford Serling, and Mina Durfee Our Dare-Devil Chief (also know as Our Daredevil Chief) was released by the Keystone Studios on May 10, 1915.

Our Dare-Devil Chief is 27 minutes or so classic Keystone Kopism, with yuks to spare. A gang of thieves, led by St. John, is constantly threatening or attempting to kill the Mayor (Harry Bernard). The funny catch: they set the bumbling Chief of Police (Ford Serling) up as the culprit. Add in that the Kop is quite cozy with the Major’s wife (Mina Durfee) and the set-ups work beautifully. But when the Mayor’s valuables are stolen, will the Chief be able to redeem himself?

Light and fun, Our Dare-Devil Chief is perfect Friday afternoon viewing!


*The image above is not from Our Dare-Devil Chief as I could not locate a usable still. But it’s kind of funny, no?


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