Watch It: Long Pants (1927)

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Long Pants (sometimes known as Johnny Newcomer) is not only a vehicle for silent comedy star Harry Langdon, it’s one of Frank Capra’s earliest films.

Released in 1927, Long Pants centers around Harry Shelby (Langdon) who has been kept in knee-pants for years by his overbearing parents. Finally, Harry takes control of his own pants situation and gets his first pair of long pants. With long pants comes great responsibility however, and immediately his parents and his childhood sweetheart Priscilla (Priscilla Bonner) expect his to marry. A wrench is thrown in the works when Harry meets Bebe Blair (Alma Bennett), fast gal from the big city with a boyfriend in the mob. Hilarity ensues.

While I wouldn’t say that Long Pants is indicative of what was to come from director Frank Capra, it is very funny. Even better – you can watch it right now.



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