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Just when you think summer is here to stay the weather devolves into a rainy, chilly mess. Fortunately, Pretty Clever Film Gal has been on a bit of an order/recording bender lately, so she’s got no end of indoor pursuits to keep her amused. Hopefully it’s sunny and warm where you are, but if not why not curl up with a great movie. There’s no shortage of them! In the meantime, here’s a tour of the best the interwebs had to offer this week. Happy reading and happy viewing!

The Mary Pickford Blogathon, hosted by Classic Movies is in full swing! Check out the great posts from today.

But I’ll also give a special shout out to the the always amazing 11 East 14th Street for his essay on Mary Pickford’s Daddy Long Legs.

Primary Shadows makes the case that Abel Gance was not, in fact, a fascist fan boy.

We all know The Jazz Singer for various, usually unpleasant, reasons. But how many of us have watched it? Margaret Perry has and reported back on The Cinementals.

Here’s my confession: I’ve never successfully watch The Third Man ’cause I have a hate on for Joseph Cotten. I can only read reviews like this one from Confessions of a Film Philistine.

They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To reviews the talkie version of Blood and Sand, ya know the one without Valentino.

Only the Cinema reviews the Buster Keaton minorpiece Go West.

This week Frankensteina highlights the creepy Frankenstein art of Bill Nelson.

She Blogged by Night brightened my day with the news that Olive Films is releasing Johnny Guitar on Blu-Ray and DVD. Yes, yes, yes.

366 Weird Movies asks What’s Wrong with Weirdness for Weirdness’ Sake?


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  1. - June 1, 2012
      -   Reply

    You are not the only person with a pathological hatred of a particular actor. I may not share your feeling about Cotten, but I feel the same about Robert Taylor — I can tolerate his later 1950s work when he was not longer such a “pretty boy,” but the smirking, mugging Taylor of the late 1930s, early 40s? Revolting. WTF did Barbara Stanwyck see in him. OK, don’t answer that. Maybe I’d feel different if I were female. OR gay. BTW, thanks for the SHOUT OUT!

  2. Pretty Clever Film Gal
    - June 2, 2012
      -   Reply

    I have no particular feelings about Robert Taylor. He’s pretty enough I guess, just kind of wallpaper like. Joseph Cotten, on the other hand, is not pretty at all and complete human wallpaper. He’s like a vacuum of screen presence. I can stomach him in supporting roles, but as a lead… no way. If I had a billion dollars I would have Cotten digitally removed from The Third Man and replaced with Robert Mitchum so I can finally watch it.

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