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So, first thing this morning, my computer informs me it has VERY IMPORTANT updates to install and would like to install them NOW. I said, no, no… I have a Friday Film Roundup post to write and politely asked it to just hold its horses. Then, when the post was near completed, poof! The computer refuses to wait any longer and shuts down. Well, crud (or something slightly saltier). The good news: I didn’t lose the post! When my obstinate coworker, Mr. HP, finally rebooted, my draft was patiently waiting for me. So I know it’s going to be a fine Friday, with luck and sunshine raining down on me. So let’s get on with! Here’s come good stuff from the interwebs. Happy reading and happy viewing!

  • Only the Cinema reviews F.W. Murnau’s Faust.
  • If there’s anything I’ve learned from film noir, it’s that you can trust a woman in a fur. But My Love of Old Hollywood rounds up some fur fabulosity.
  • How odd. Learn something new from the Movie Morlocks in “Movies in Comicolor.”
  • I wouldn’t make a special trip to L.A. or anything, but if you’re going check out these silent film spots.
  • Here’s another professor-type talking about Silent Films. Newspapers are really digging to be relevant in light of  The Artist, yet my phone does not ring.
  • The NYT talks to Robert Gould, a man who actually worked on the The Artist.
  • Hardy with out Laurel? One Too Many, an early Hardy flick was released today in 1916.


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  2. Pingback Film Friday | Weekly Roundup « Pretty Clever Films

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