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I made the somewhat arbitrary holiday season resolution to NOT watch A Christmas Story. Why? By my rough, back-of-the-envelope calculations I’ve seen this movie at least 28 times, but accounting for years with multiple viewings in one season, probably more like 34, maybe as many as 38. So I’ve watched A Christmas Story somewhere between 28 and 38 times. There’s a lot of movies in the universe people! I sometimes lie awake at night calculating how long I will have to live and how many movies I would have to watch per day to see all the ones I really, really want to see. The answer is disturbing and preposterous. So why should I spend a single minute more on A Christmas Story? And yet, as a trolled through the best movie related writing the web had to offer this week… it’s A Christmas Story everywhere. Scrolling through the cable guide is a mine field. Will I make it through this holiday season A Christmas Story free? If I can’t save myself, at least I can help you with these 100% A Christmas Story free links. Happy reading and happy viewing!

The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World lists the 10 best Nicholas Ray movies. I’ve still got to get my eyeballs on Johnny Guitar.

366 Weird Movies looks at the films of Mark Robson and Val Lewton.

MacGuffin Movies looks at It’s a Wonderful Life through movie posters.

The Film School Rejects also offers a holiday gift guide for movie lovers.

Maybe I’ve got Django fever, but this review from 366 Weird Movies really makes me want to see Django Kill… If You Live, Shoot!

If you’re still shopping for that really hard to please (and weirdo) film fan, how ’bout this creepy porcelain bust of Javier Bardem?

The Matinee wonders if we’re all cheap bastards and cut some slack for movies we don’t pay for.

The Movie Morlocks consider the Reel Abraham Lincoln.

The Atlantic showcases a really lovely archive of movie storyboards, including Psycho, Gone with the Wind, and Jaws!

Do you struggle with movie collection organization? The guys at the Film Junk Podcast feel your pain.

Finally, the annual TCM Remembers tribute to all that was lost in 2012 is now available for viewing.


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